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Erik Peistrup Mortensen - Artist

Born in Denmark 1955

Former conference interpreter at the E.U.

Based in Denmark and Spain

"You find in Erik Peistrup's paintings a blend of erotic volumes and shapes that make fun of figuration which  in a playful aesthetic way enter  an abstracted  chromaticism in which the colours interlace with a symphonious musicality, that goes beyond geometries and limits. 


Nordic and Mediterranean, Erik Peistrup is difficult to catalogue and in his painting his linguistic dominion translates into a universal language of color." - Miguel Morales Ruiz, El Patio de la Luna

I am basically an autodidact artist with love for and interest in art and architecture in all their manifestations. Thanks to the many art schools and residences I have visited, wherever life has taken me, I have over the years acquainted deep knowledge of many different techniques and artistic approaches.


Recently, I was lucky to be trained and inspired by the great artist and friend, Juan Miguel Palacios, in his studio in Brooklyn, N.Y., and thanks to him I have now reached a point of maturity in my artistic research and a full understanding of why I paint.

My work is mostly large-scale. On big surfaces I feel free and can choose to deliberately not complete the work, which I find very appealing. Incompleteness is the exciting possibility of more. The broken lines, the immaterial figures and sometimes a touch of sketchiness in my work are an invitation to imagine all the different places it can take you from there.


I like to defy the concepts of beauty and perfection. When exploring a failure or call it an imperfection, you can end up finding the extraordinary and the beautiful just there, in the imperfection.

Exhibition Martin's Atelier.jpg

If you are interested in my art, please contact me or visit Martin's Atelier


Juan Miguel Palacio's Studio / Brooklyn N.Y 



Novartis Art Collection / Copenhagen, Denmark 


Anders Quistgaard Law Firm / Odense, Denmark 


"Pink" / Gallery Dencker + Schneider / Berlin, Germany 


"Frida" / Gallery Angela Pintaldi / Milan, Italy


Gallery AC / Brussels, Belgium


"Eksrum" / PRAG61 / Copenhagen, Denmark 



"Eksrum" / PRAG61 Copenhagen, Denmark 


Gallery Dencker + Schneider / Copenhagen, Denmark 


Art Residence Final / European Academy for Fine Arts / Trier, Germany 


"Artists amongst Staff" / The EU / Brussels, Belgium


"Academy's Final" / Academy des Beaux Arts d'Ixelles / Brussels, Belgium

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